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Navigating Negative Reviews And Harassment

Navigating Negative Reviews And Harassment

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Navigating Negative Reviews And Harassment

Nobody likes negative reviews, but let’s face it —they’re unavoidable. Customers expect top-notch convenience, superior value, and excellent customer service 100% of the time. Unreasonable? Probably, but that’s the cost of doing business in today’s day and age. Negative reviews and harassment are expected when you own a business or provide a service, but how far is too far. 

Addressing Negative Reviews

Venting via negative reviews can legitimize the idea that their voice matters. But there’s a difference between someone venting (fixable) and someone harassing you (treatable) by writing a negative review. To find the difference, between negative reviews and harassment: inspect the legitimacy of the negative review, diagnose the problem, decide if the problem can be fixed, and finally, determine what steps to take (if a resolution is necessary).

Is The Review Legitimate?

Is the negative review fake? It’s not reliable if it’s not real, and the reviewer is simply harassing you. Many markets nowadays are highly competitive, and a rival company might be looking to get a leg up on the competition. On the other hand, maybe someone is simply trying to solicit free products from you by leaving a negative review. If it’s blatantly fake, there may be no need to prescribe a solution. Negative reviews that are in all caps, are poorly thought out, and contain many spelling mistakes, are often fake or over-exaggerated. Potential customers will likely see through these when judging negative reviews.

Diagnosing The Issue

Let’s say you believe the negative review is real, and that the negative reviewer has a legitimate gripe. Okay, no big deal — you can’t expect to please every customer. However, how you choose to proceed can have a big impact on the future of your business. It’s important to pare down the review in detail; where did you fail the customer? Was it within your control, or was it an error by the shipment carrier? Did you sell them a defective item? Did they receive subpar service? Once you gather the nitty gritty details, you need to ask yourself one more question about the negative review.

Can The Problem Be Solved?

Maybe your customer received a broken item. Depending on the cost it may be in your best interest to offer a free exchange, or ship them a new one at no cost. Maybe you can reach out to them and personally and apologize. Sometimes, the reviewer understands that unfortunate thing happen and were just wanting to feel heard. On the other end of the spectrum, it’s possible the negative reviewer feels so slighted that they’ll try to sabotage your business. If that’s the case, the problem is unfixable and becomes damage control. The reviewer, eventually will run out of steam and find another person/business to be outraged at. Navigating Negative Reviews And Harassment is a full-time job for most business. 

Be Polite In Spite Of Anything

You should parse helpful information from your legitimate reviews, fix the negative reviews, and ignore harassment. Word of mouth is vital to your business’ success, and it’s important not to collect jaded customers who tell others about their negative review. If you can put out the fire, then do it! But you’re unable to appease the unreasonable customer, then leave it be — you can’t win ‘em all. Just make sure your response to their negative review is delicately polite, and make a good faith effort to resolve their problem. Other customers will take notice, and that’s all that matters.

To Post Or Not To Post: That Is The Question

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People change over time.  People post things to their social media as a ways of letting distant friends have a glimpse of their life.  What was funny to us 10 years ago might not seem so funny now. If we had the chance to go back and see everything we posted in our younger days, we’d probably would want to delete a few posts. We’d also certainly cringe at other posts. Don’t post something today that you’ll regret tomorrow.


A lot of things we see may seem innocent or funny to us, but will everyone it reaches agree?  When making post, our audience is an important factor to consider when posting on social media. If you’re posting on your personal account, you should gauge your social media connections. Are they all agreeable to your stance? If they aren’t, are they family and close friends who already know and accept your beliefs? If you answered no, maybe you should consider tightening your social media circle. After all, your audience is your choice. You can always remove the connections that aren’t agreeable to you and have a social media account that’s more representational of you.


If you’re a business, it’s best to stay neutral on all controversial topics, especially regarding politics. You could be serving people on both ends of the political spectrum, and you wouldn’t want to alienate a large portion of your customer base. (This of course changes if you work for a nonprofit or political affiliate, where taking a hard stance is part of the organization’s daily operations.)


We’ve all run into a person online we’ve disagreed with, just like we’ve all run into someone in real life we’ve disagreed with. The difference is, we’re less inclined to start an argument with a stranger in real life than with someone online because there’s a facade of privacy on social media. When’s the last time you changed someone’s mind online? Better yet, when’s the last time someone changed your mind online? If we’re being honest, it’s highly unlikely that anything positive can come of arguing with an internet stranger. In real life, there are conferences and public forums to discuss ideas with our opponents. On the internet there are online forums, niche blogs, and chat rooms to participate in controversial discord. Not everyone on Facebook wants to know why you think dogs are superior to cats in every way imaginable. Think about the channel you’re on before posting your opinion.


If you’re questioning whether or not you should post something — don’t! After all, when’s the last time you were regretful for not sharing something online? Chances are never. However, I’m certain that we’ve all done something online we’ve wanted to take back—and that’s okay—social media is a relatively new platform to us, and we’re all learning as we go along. It’s why discussions like this are so important, so we can grow from, and improve upon our mistakes. Our memories serve us well, so next time you are contemplating posting a risky link/meme, remember a time you wish you hadn’t.


How to deal with fake reviews

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Fake reviews can negatively impact your business

It’s important to check for feedback from customers. Let’s say you check for fake reviews on Google, Facebook, Yelp, etc., and everything seems to be in good standing order. You take it a step further by checking the Glassdoor reviews of your business because you value your employees. And there it is; a scathing review from a former, disgruntled employee. But there’s one problem… It’s fake.

Do Your Due Diligence

From your company’s inception, you’ve hired exactly seventeen employees – all of whom are still with the company to this day. So what’s the deal? Is a competing establishment falsifying reviews to gain an edge? Is someone you upset 10 years ago writing fake reviews to get back at you?

Frankly, the Who, What, and Why doesn’t matter; you need to address this fake review and move forward. But how do you respond? Do you leave it alone for fear of making matters worse? One negative remark about your company certainly won’t hurt you, will it? One thing’s for sure, responding to the fake review by claiming it’s fake won’t help your case; it looks desperate to say the least. So that leaves you with two options: leave it alone or reach out.

Option 1: Leave It Alone

Depending on the circumstance, review threat level, and medium the fake review was published on, there’s no shame in walking away. Generally, you can assume anyone researching your company online is reasonably knowledgeable because they’re making an informed decision by doing said research. One bad mark on your reputation against, say, dozens of 5-star reviews won’t do much harm. Plus, if the fake review is in all caps, littered with spelling and punctuation errors, and is barely intelligible, that makes the reviewer look inept – not you.

Option 2: Reach Out

On the other hand, if the reviewer left a thoughtful, 4-paragraph comment with pictures or details to back their claim—even if it’s fake— might be worth a response. Most companies shape their reply to fake reviews in three elements: apology, understanding, and outreach/solution. Here’s an example:

“John Doe, we’re truly very sorry for the delay on your order. We understand how frustrating it is when you don’t receive your items on time. We’re committed to having 100% satisfaction from our customers and we clearly didn’t meet your expectations. Please reach out to us at [phone number/email address] and we’ll do our best to make it right.”

It’s not as vindicating as explaining to others that it’s a fake review, but there’s a reason nearly all Fortune 500 companies respond using this format; there’s little-to-no risk in providing a sincere apology with a reasonable solution. In fact, customers scanning your reviews may see it and think it’s great how you went the extra mile to help out a jaded customer.

When In Doubt, Think It Out

Of course, there’s no one-size-fits-all solution to dealing with fake reviews. Depending on the size of your business, what industry you’re in, and the number of customers you serve, your strategy will differ. There are also variable factors such as the legitimacy of the review, the threat level of the review, and the platform the review was made on. (Companies like Yelp! and the Better Business Bureau essentially hold fake reviews hostage, coercing you to pay for their removal.)

It’s not fair, but it does happen, and acknowledging fake reviews is the first step towards resolution. Arm yourself with research and figure out your plan of attack—or defense of—fake reviews.

Mugshot Removal Prices

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Removal Prices

Mugshot? Do you want a better solution for your online reputation? This is the case for most people who are confronting unfavorable past events in the present day. Whether it’s arrest records, mugshots, crimes not committed but published on background checks and many more, we can help!


Helping is one of the things that we love the most, for that reason, that is why we conducted a comprehensive analysis just to inform you what the landscape of online reputation management right now. What are the services offered, the sites that are going to be targeted and how much is the price?

This is What the Competition is Charging You


          Negative Blog/News articles takedown: For every post or press release that gets published on the internet.

Total price: ~$2,800.

          Mugshot removal: Research on mugshot related websites, complete removal without exception.

Total price: ~$1,700.

          Arrest records removal: Your background check is giving you problems online? Get a complete takedown of these files.

Total price: ~$2,700.

          Elimination of negative reviews: Including sites like TripAdvisor, Yelp, Glassdoor, Indeed, and so much more.

Total price: ~$1,800.

          Images and video cleanup: All major platforms included, like YouTube, Facebook, Google +, Vimeo; even pornographic websites.

Total price: ~$1,800.

          Other websites: Popular cheater, hookup sites, and forums. Extensive cleanup.

Total price: ~$1,600.

A fast and secure resolution is needed to achieve the best possible result, similarly, most companies will offer these services with abundant packages and intricate pricings. several customers have told us that this issue is very confusing, particularly in the challenging position in which they are involved.


RemoveMugshots.net Has No Extra Fees, Only Fast Solutions

Let a team of experts help you with our efficient, fast, secure, and private method. 72 hours is what separates you from the conflicted present day and a fruitful future. You don’t have to go alone in this complex battle, RemoveMugshots.net is right now helping more than 5000 satisfied customers by erasing over +36000 files that are considered harmful to them. No extra charges, zero complications. 


RemoveMugshots.net has more than 240 years of combined experience helping individuals to overcome their unfortunate past by improving their online reputation.  


Call now: 833-469-9527 and ask for a FREE mugshot removal analysis.

Arrest Records

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Arrest Records

By the age of 23, about 23% of Americans have been arrested and have arrest records. That previous fact says a lot about a situation that is very common in our country. Most of these cases are minor incidents that do not lead to jail time. This can be an uncomfortable situation for any individual because it feels like a criminal conviction when there is none.


Arrest Records


Is My Mugshot Available for Anyone to See?

Aside from the different laws in each state, it is frequent to see arrest records available to the public. Anyone can search and get this information related to your name, divorces, bankruptcy papers, foreclosure and much more.

Many companies have made lots of money by publishing that type of data. With a collection so big that you would need the help of a search engine in order to index the material. One thing very important to notice is that some of these platforms publish entire arrest records, while others do not.

  Reputation Damaged?

Absolutely, this may bring problems that shouldn’t be there. Various states clear the records of young people just to prevent a long-term damage to the person. Things can get messy when authorities publish a mugshot on the web and then companies profit by copying this evidence to later charge you for a complete removal, whether you have a clean background check or not.

Count 72 hours to get those arrest records removed by a team of professionals at Netreputation.com, we are helping more than 5000 satisfied customers to succeed and lead better lives, erasing over +36000 files that provoked immeasurable damages to their online presence. Get to know our method and try a fast, secure and efficient removal of all your mugshots now.

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