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Remove Criminal Records on Your Background Check Easily with Reputation Lawyers

Our talented legal team has over a decade of experience when it comes to dealing with removing negative personal information online. All of our solutions are 100% guaranteed. Let us work to remove your criminal records in as little as one month! If for any reason, our solution is ineffective, all clients are entitled to a full refund.

Our Comprehensive Background Removal works to remove all of your personal and private information from over 45 background check databases. These databases disclose private information, anything from your name and address to your criminal records and even a link to your Facebook!

If you are seeking a new job, applying to college, submitting an application for a loan or even going out on a date, people can easily access your personal information prior to meeting you. Say goodbye to “first-impressions”, let Reputation Lawyers monitor and protect your online reputation. Hire a legal team that will fight for you and most importantly, hire a team that you can trust!


Background Check Removal Solution

If you were to visit Google and type in your name the odds are you will come across websites such as Whitepages, Spokeo, Radaris, Truthfinder (and many more). These are considered third-party background databases. Anyone with an internet connection is able to research you. Do you know what Google says about you? Since websites like InstantCheckMate are not government entities they are not required to update their records. This can be extremely detrimental to an individual who is applying for a job.
Therefore it is imperative that you make sure you know what is on your background check and how to remove it. Contact us now for a FREE COPY!


What Shows on a Background Check?

  • Full Name
  • Date of Birth
  • Photos from Social Media (Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, Youtube, etc.)
  • Relatives
  • Contact Information (Phone Number, Email, etc.)
  • Home Addresses
  • Criminal Records
  • Social Media Profile
  • Professional/Business Licenses
  • List of Sex Offenders that live relatively close to you

If you are curious about what is on your background report, click here and we will send you a copy completely free of charge!


Can Anyone Remove Their Background Check Online?

If you have ever been arrested, we highly recommend that you take advantage of our comprehensive background check removal solution. Our background removal will eliminate your personal information from third-party background sites (please see list below). These background check databases are not required by law to post any information, therefore anybody is free to remove from them. Regardless if it was a felon or simply misdemeanor, Reputation Lawyer will remove your arrest from 45+ background database websites.


Benefits of Background Removals

  • With over a decade of experience and numerous law firms working alongside us, we are confident that Reputation Lawyers is your only option when it comes to successfully removing background reports online. Most companies take months and cannot guarantee their work. Reputation Lawyers offers a 100% money-back guarantee, there is no risk!
  • You no longer have to explain yourself to potential employers or have that awkward conversation about what happened. If any employer sees anything negative on a background reporting website, 90% of the time your resume is thrown in the trash.
  • Minimize the chances a relative or friend will see your criminal records. Background check databases (or “people-search” websites) are available to anyone with a smartphone and an internet connection. Make sure you are covered with Reputation Lawyers.



How do background check removals work?

In as little as 3-4 weeks Reputation Lawyers will actively work to rid the internet of your criminal record. Our legal team works to remove from over 40+ databases. Here is the list of websites you work to remove individuals from every day. The removal list is constantly growing, be sure to ask if there has been any more added when you call in! 833-469-9527.


AdvancedBackgroundChecks.com Peoplewise.com
BeenVerified.com Persopo.com
CriminalSearches.com Premium.Whitepages.com
DoNotCall.gov PhoneDetective.com
EmailFinder.com PrivateEye.com
Everify.com PublicBackgroundChecks.com
FreePhoneTracer.com PublicRecords.com
Freebackgroundcheck.org FreePeopleDirectory.com
InstantCheckmate.com PublicRecords360.com
Nuwber.com People-Background-Check.com
Inteligator.com PublicRecordsNow.com
Intelius.com Radaris.com
Lexisnexis.com Spokeo.com
LookupAnyone.com TruthFinder.com
MelissaData.com UnitedStatesBackgroundChecks.com
ZoomInfo.com USA-People-Search.com
PeopleFinders.com USIdentify.com
PeopleLooker.com USSearch.com
PeopleSearch.com Verispy.com
PeopleSearches.com Veromi.net
PeopleSearchNow.com WhitePages.com


What is the Time Frame for a Background Check Removal?

On average our background solutions can take up to 3-4 weeks to be complete. Once completed you will receive a completion packet via email confirming that all personal information was successfully removed. If any information should reappear you are covered, all background removal solutions come with a lifetime guarantee. In addition, you will with your own designated Project Manager who will provide updates and answer any questions you may have along the way.


Does This Remove Me From Every Website?

No, the only exception would be any county records or local newspaper that reported the incident. We work to remove the 40+ databases above. If you have any questions about a website that is not on our list, give us a call and we can discuss everything in more detail.


Where Do I Sign Up?

If you are considering a complete background remove you do have a few different options. First, the easiest and quickest way is to click here, we will give you a call within 24-hours to get started or simply answer any questions.. If you have further questions or wish to sign up by phone, you may call our toll-free number, 833-469-9527 , and one of our reputation specialists will assist you in getting started immediately. We hope to hear from you soon.

What We Need From You

Each website is different however these are the documents we require from you before initiating your background removal.

  • A form of government-issued identification (driver’s license, passport, military ID, etc.)
  • Your full name (along with Maiden name or any other aliases)
  • Your past 3 home addresses

Nowadays there are several individuals with the same name all over the nation. By requesting this information we can be confident we are removing the correct individual from each database.


What Does the Completion Packet Show?

Upon finalizing your removal project, your designated Project Manager will send you a packet via mail (or email if preferred) confirming that all the websites have successfully removed your information. In addition, ReputationLawyers gives you steps on how you can double check the results. This way you do not have to take our word for it, you can see first-hand the content was deleted.


Where Do Background Check Databases Collect Information?

An individual’s personal information can spread like wildfire on the internet if you do not act quickly. Most background database websites work alongside your browser history to collect information. Data broker sites are able to pick up on your data trail. Websites like Facebook and LinkedIn are “gold mines” are gathering personal information. Have you ever clicked “I Agree” on Facebook’s terms & conditions? Some information is shared with third-party databases and applications.

Most Popular Sources for Background Check Information:

  • Social Media Platforms (Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc.)
  • Digital Surveys, Quizzes, Statistics
  • Profession Licenses and Certificates
  • Political Contributions
  • Expense Reports
  • Court Records and Reports (i.e. Marriage License, Divorce Paperwork, Credit Scores, Criminal Records, etc)
  • DMV Citation History
  • Voter Registrars
  • Customer Loyalty Programs

Does Reputation Lawyers Stop After Sending Your Completion Packet?

No. The legal team here at Reputation Lawyers will work to remove any and all negative information displayed on your background report. If any past records should reappear, all solutions are guaranteed for life. Simply give us a call and we will repeat your solution (for free) at an expedited rate. This rare and typically occur when you move into a new home or if you are arrested.