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Frequently Asked Questions about us.



Will you use my data to build advertising products or sell it to third parties?


Will you disclose or sell the data that I provide you about my customers?

No. We use the data you provide us about your customers only to provide your services.

How do you protect Credit Card and Financial Information?

ReputationLawyers does not store credit card numbers and security information. If you provide a credit card number to purchase a service, it is turned into a secure token by our credit card processing company. We only store the secure token on our systems.

We DO NOT collect or store personal financial data, Social Security Numbers, National Insurance numbers, or government-issued ID numbers of any kind.

Do you do background checks on your employees?

  • Employees go through a background check and a reference check before they are hired.
  • Employees and contractors all sign a confidentiality agreement.

What is the cost?

Cost varies person to person depending on a combination of factors.

Is it legal for these sites to display my information?

Unfortunately, YES. People-search sites aren’t very transparent about where specific information comes from, but generally speaking, they pull from government records, social media, and marketing databases. All of these are sources that are technically accessible to anyone, so people-search sites aren’t releasing new information. They simply collect what’s out there into a single profile.

What types of information are on people-search sites?

Everything from your name and address to shopping habits, political contributions, business or real estate activities, and religious views

How many people-search sites are out there?

Dozens. Reputation Lawyers maintains a rolling list of the active people-search sites for our removal services, adding and removing sites as appropriate.

How do I prevent people-search sites from collecting my information?

As a rule, avoid supplying personal information to companies, online and offline. You’d be surprised how often your information is collected: when you order something online, send in a warranty card, sign up for a social networking site, or enter a sweepstakes.

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