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Misdemeanor Expungements

If you have ever committed a misdemeanor offense you may be surprised at what some websites are reporting about you. Many individuals take the appropriate steps in order to rid themselves of any past crimes, however, your criminal record is still readily available for anybody to view who has a smartphone and internet connection. Misdemeanor reports are located not only within your public records but also on third-party websites such as BeenVerified or Instantcheckmate. Being found “not guilty” does not mean every website is going to automatically update, this is why an expungement order may be necessary.  Many individuals are left wondering why they did not receive a call back for that job, or why they did not get approved for a loan. The answer may lie in your background report. Depending on the severity of your past crime(s) you may be eligible to file for an expungement. An expungement with ReputationLawyers is your best chance at regaining control over your career without anything holding you back online. Misdemeanor expungement is the process by which a misdemeanor charge is sealed or completely erased for an individual’s criminal record. 

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Don’t Let Your Misdemeanor Dictate Your Future

Misdemeanors, as stated, are charges that are less severe and typically hold less than a year of jail time (if any). Misdemeanor charges range anywhere from DUIs, resisting arrest, assault, and even perjury. Even though misdemeanors are viewed as a lesser crime, many individuals still struggle with obtaining a decent job due to their criminal record. Even if the charged were dropped or dismissed.


We recommend you file for a Misdemeanor Expungement if you are:

  • Applying for a private loan
  • Applying for a new job
  • Moving homes (landlords may request a comprehensive background check)
  • Applying to Colleges & Universities
  • Dating Apps (individuals tend to research potential partners before fully committing)

Many states have come to the realization that prior criminal records are severely impacting those individuals with a dismissed charge on their background. While they were not convicted 9 times out of 10 employers will throw their resume in the trash. Most states will provide some type of record cleaning help or relief for individuals with a misdemeanor offense. ReputationLawyers will make sure all records are removed, public records as well as third-party databases. By hiring Reputation Lawyers you are giving yourself the best possible chance of regaining control of your online reputation. Contact us today for a FREE CONSULTATION. What do you have to lose?

Can Anyone Expungement a Misdemeanor?

Although you are eligible for an expungement, that does not necessarily mean that you will get approval from a Judge or District Attorney. Depending on the severity of the crime, the number of total offenses you have on your record (related or not), in addition to how long the individual waited before filing all affect the outcome of your expungement petition.

State laws will vary depending on where the arrest occurs. There are many factors that can additionally influence the outcome and timeframe of your expungement. Such as this being your first offense, judges tend to favor individuals that do not have any prior convictions or citations against them. In addition to your past crimes (if applicable) the Judge will also review your behavior since the incident when determining whether or not to approve your expungement petition.

Misdemeanor Expungement

Most individuals feel that a misdemeanor does not have any negative impacts on your future. Although many employers can be understanding when you provide your dismissal, being granted an expungement will ensure you never have that awkward conversation explaining yourself again. Give yourself the best opportunity to succeed without your past holding you back. An expungement completely terminates any trace of your crime with the help of ReputationLawyers. Applying for an expungement can make the process of submitting applications much less stressful (employment, college applications, housing and more). Whether or not you feel you need to expunge your record it is recommended by our legal team that you remain proactive and act fast. You may lose your job tomorrow, you need to make sure you are covered. Imagine the feeling of being able to check “No” under “Have you ever been arrested?”. Your chances of obtaining that position will increase tremendously.

When it comes to expunging your misdemeanor charges, the process may vary from state to state. Many states offer a complete expungement, meaning the records are erased and completely removed from that individual’s record. Furthermore, other states will only remove the verdict, still leaving the arrest details online for the public to see. Regardless, there are always protective measures you can take to ensure you have the best possibility to succeed. If you are unsure about the laws and guidelines pertaining to expungement in your state please click here to read more.


Requesting a Misdemeanor Expungement Petition

The legal procedure for filing for your expungement petition will vary depending on the state or court. All things considered, it takes time to review and approve your petition to expunge your misdemeanor. To expunge a misdemeanor case, please fill out our contact form here and we will give you a call within 24-hours to discuss your options.

Some states will allow the individual to submit the petition themselves, while others require you to submit a copy to your local District Attorney. Both parties will review the request and come to a decision over the next several months. On average an expungement can take anywhere for a few weeks to 12-months depending on the charges and number of arrests. The individual will be asked to appear in court to explain why they feel they are deserving of an expungement. Amidst the hearing, the Judge has the opportunity to hear both sides and make his decision accordingly.

Once your misdemeanor expungement is approved and finalized, all law enforcement is updated immediately. All court records are updated, however, this can take time as well. Without the help of ReputationLawyers, it may take more time, that is why it is important to hire an honest and aggressive team to erase and expunge your charges. Once your record is approved for an expungement, our team will also update any and all third-party websites so they may update their database to reflect this change.


How Can ReputationLawyers.com Help?

Our knowledgeable legal team will assist you with the entire misdemeanor expungement process in a fast and highly efficient manner. Our team will do everything for you, after a brief call we will hear your side of the story and get to work immediately. The longer you wait to expunge your record to look you will struggle to look for employment, call us today! Over the past decade, ReputationLawyers has successfully removed 10,000+ records with no negative feedback. Go with a company you can trust, contact us today. With our Accelerated Background Restoration solution you will be able to land your dream job in no time.

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