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After having your arrest record/charges sealed, expunged, pardoned or otherwise cleared by the court, there may be additional steps you need to take in order to completely rid the internet of your criminal record. Private background checks companies are still be reporting your criminal record to potential employers or landlords. It is important to address these issues quickly. These databases are not often updated and can result in misleading findings. In order to resolve this, ReputationLawyers has perfected the way in which personal information is removed from the internet. All solutions are 100% guaranteed as our removal campaigns typically take 3-4 weeks for completion.

“You cannot start the next chapter of your life if you keep re-reading the last one”

Why do you need to clean your background?

No matter if you have had a troubled past or you were arrested on false pretenses, if your criminal record is online, it can be detrimental to your overall success in life. Your online reputation and presence is everything, it is what people see before they met you and how they form their “first-impression”. Since background database websites like InstantCheckMate and BeenVerified are not required by law to update their results many individuals miss out on great career opportunities every year due to these misleading records. If you are seeking to be removed from these sites it is up to you to contact them and provide the necessary documents. This is where Reputation Lawyers steps in, with over a decade of experience removing personal information online we guaranteed our results, in less than 2 months you will be able to apply freely. Our knowledgeable team of strategists will work around the clock to eliminate any trace of your criminal records online.

Accelerated Background Restoration (ABR) will work to remove your records from over 700+ websites. We work to remove everything from criminal records to credit history, negative news articles, slanderous/ defamatory postings on social media and more.

Accelerated Background Restoration includes:

  • Expedited background removal from over 700 databases (i.e. Spokeo, Instantcheckmate, TruthFinder, etc)
  • A complimentary copy of your background report prior to removal.
  • Completion packet is sent via email once the removal is completed.
  • 100% guaranteed this is a lifetime removal. Meaning you can call back and have us recheck and remove the content again is it should ever reappear.

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How much do an Accelerated Background Restoration cost?

* Depending on the severity of the charge(s) and the amount of arrest the timeframe and overall project cost may fluctuant.

** If you cannot provide any court records showing you were not convicted your cost may increase. This is a rare occurance, we will not accept projects that are sexual in nature or violence against pets (unless completely dismissed with proof).

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My record was expunged. How do they have my record online?

After your arrest, you could have done everything by the book when working to absolve yourself of these charges. As previously stated, background databases are NOT required by law to update or remove any records. Let the team over at Reputation Lawyers take that burden off your back, restore your background today. That is why it is important to take action when removing your arrest record online. The process can take in upwards of one month, it is important to plan accordingly and know your options.


Does an Accelerated Background Removal completely take my arrest offline?

Reputation Lawyers ABR solution works to remove and completely eliminate any record on 700+ background databases. We guarantee that your record will be removed in as little as 1-2 months

While ABR targets background checks companies commonly used by employers and landlords, it is not designed to reach websites that post information easily available to the public on the internet. If you are interested in removing your private, personal information (including your criminal record) from popular background check websites, please read about our background check removal service.


How do I know when it is completed?

After a few weeks, you will receive a completion packet from our removal team. This includes a detailed list and approval from each website. Once removed, we also work to deindex the search results from Google. If you are seeking to change your career path or maybe you are looking at buying a house and need a loan. People are viewing your background report, it is imperative that you handle any issues or misleading information before it ruins any future opportunities. Reputation Lawyers get the job done right the first time. It’s time to land your dream job, stop letting your past hold you back from being the best you.


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Using cost-effective legal methods and techniques we can successfully help clients:

Remove information from consumer complaint sites such as PissedConsumer, Complaintsboard, and Ripoffreport

Remove reviews from rating websites like Yelp, Google, Tripadvisor, and Amazon

Remove websites selling fake, knock-off products and infringing on yourtrademark/copyright properties.

 Remove false posts and other negative information on websites like Cheaterland,
Playerblock, and Reportyourex.

Remove embarrassing photographs and videos from social networking sites,
mugshot sites, and porn sites.

Remove personal or damaging information from blogs, articles, comments,
message boards, and other internet forums